Let us tell you a little about us

Sunflower Photography & Design, LLC

We are a licensed and insured limited liability company who specializes in photography, videography, event planning, and graphic design.

Meet Katie

A versatile photographer passionate about capturing love in weddings, exploring the world through travel, and crafting timeless portraits in sessions. With a keen eye for storytelling, she brings a unique blend of creativity to every project, whether amidst the beauty of diverse landscapes or in the controlled ambiance of a studio. Join her on a visual journey where these sessions weave together into captivating narratives.

I’m the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. I have 8 children, a beautiful wife named Sara, and a love for portrait photography. I will keep you laughing at our sessions.

- Mandy

A bit more about Katie: I started taking photos when I was old enough to operate a Polaroid camera. I learned at a young age to "shake it like a Polaroid pitcha". I asked for new cameras for at least half of my Christmases growing up. I’ve always loved to take photos and see what I can do with them. I was the cringey kid on Myspace and Facebook with the overly edited photos from Picnik. Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that phase!

Some extra intel on Mandy: Photography has been a passion of mine since I started creating humans. My biggest joy is helping my client feel relaxed and capturing those candid genuine smiles and emotions. Creative shoots are my passion, along with Boudoir and Weddings. I have learned so much in the past year and cannot wait to learn more and see our business flourish.

I'm the planner. My specialty is close-up details and motion shots. I cannot help but to audibly gasp and say "ugh cuteeeee" when I see magic happening during a session. I love showing the world our work.

- Katie


Topsail Island

Katie will be in the Holly Ridge/Topsail area from 2/3/24-2/10/24.

February 2024

Chattanooga, TN

Katie is traveling to Chattanooga the week of 4th of July and is open to sessions while she visits.

July 2024

TN Fair

We will both be hosting Fair mini sessions at the TN Valley Fair in September.


Greenville, SC

Katie will be visiting Upstate SC each month in 2024 for Milestone Photography sessions with The Johnson Family. She will also be capturing weddings in the Upstate in May and June.