Sunflower Photography & Design's Annual Santa Minis

Greetings, dear readers! Today, we (Mandy and Katie) share our experience orchestrating mini holiday themed photography sessions with Santa. Join us as we recount the harmonious blend of festive merriment, shared laughter, and a surprising snowball interlude during this memorable event.

Set up for Santa’s Arrival

Adorning our photography scene were not one but two Christmas-themed backdrops. Families were presented with the choice of a living room style Christmas wonderland or a cozy fireplace setting, doubling the options to infuse our photographs with a seasonal ambiance. The set up for the day was recorded and posted on our Instagram account. We could not have done this event without the help of our spouses Casey and Sara who arrived early, helped us set up, and stayed late to help us break down.

The Moody Family

Coordinated Efforts in Event Planning

Embarking on this photographic venture, our vision was to bring Santa directly to our community, offering families an intimate and stress-free opportunity to capture timeless moments. The reception exceeded expectations, with families delighting in a unique and personal encounter with Santa.

Executing this endeavor required meticulous coordination, akin to a well-choreographed dance. Families converged from all corners, creating a diverse tapestry of holiday celebration. A heartfelt acknowledgment goes to our venue, Event Center at Sapphire Hill Stables, for allowing us the opportunity to host this event on their property and to our Santa, for showing up at the venue hours ahead of schedule and staying in his classic red suit all day.

The Sibley Family

Memories, Framed and Etched

Adding a unique twist, the decision to pose with Santa was entirely optional. Some opted for the classic Santa pose, while others embraced spontaneous and candid moments. Our objective was to ensure that every family felt at ease, resulting in genuine smiles and natural interactions.

Beyond the captured images, families departed with more than photographs – they carried home memories of a collaborative holiday encounter with Santa. These memories, we believe, will endure as cherished mementos of this festive season.

The pinnacle of our event unfolded with an impromptu snowball fight featuring Santa himself. Laughter reverberated as snowballs sailed through the air, transforming our photo session into a spirited and unexpected celebration.

The Flower Family

In Summation

Our collaborative effort as photographers, decorators, entertainers and venue owners resulted in a day brimming with laughter, joy, and an unforeseen snowball spectacle. We extend our gratitude to our wonderful community, which contributed to transforming this event into a refined and festive spectacle.

Thank you for reading!

Katie & Mandy

Sunflower Photography & Design, LLC

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